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Scrap Car Removal Services London | Free Scrap Vehicle Removal

Scrap Car Removal - Motors Recovery Services

We pick-up old cars from domestic households, under-ground parking, garages, cars that parked in tight alleyways, crashed cars, burned out cars, insurance write-offs and any kind of scrap cars.

Definitely comes a point with every car when it’s no longer working properly or safe to prolong its life. What’s more, if it’s not roadworthy you could end up with points on your driving licence or a fine. So if your car’s reaching the end of the road and considering recycling your old car, van, or 4x4, So, what are you waiting for, give Motors Recovery team a call on 0203 581 4064 and we'll take care of all the DVLA requirement so there's nothing for you to worry about.

Why People usually scrap their cars ?
  • MOT failures
  • Non-runners
  • loved and unwanted
  • London Ulez - Non  - compliant vehicles
  • Mechanically faulty cars
  • Accident damaged cars
  • Salvage cars
  • ELV (End-of-Life Vehicles)

Punctuality is the key in keeping our customers happy. We recognise that our ETA’s (estimated time of arrivals) are the true definition of our scrap car removal service. We provide factual ETA’s at primary contact with each customer.

Available 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, is only limited by weather and road conditions where providing service is concerned. You can relax knowing that your scrap car is recycled in a legal and environmentally friendly way.

Getting rid of your scrap car with us couldn’t be easier, Motors Recovery will handle all the paperwork for you.
Why Choose Motors Recovery?
We have been providing scrap car removal services in around Greater London for many years now, so regardless of what may be your vehicle scrap removal problem, our experienced drivers are fully trained and experienced .There are so many things we can tell you about us -
  • Punctuality
  • Safe and Reliable scrap service you can count on
  • Passionate about what we do
  • Friendly scrap removal service
  • DVLA paperwork to ensure that the car scraped is no longer registered in your name.  
  • Long Years of experience
  • Rated 5 stars by our customers
  • Range of towing services to choose from us

If you live in Greater London and are looking to scrap your car, we can provides scrap cars removal from the owners and saving them from storage and parking charges.
Furthermore, with the new Ultra Low Emission Zones in the centre of London and also covering between North and South Circular leaving many drivers of older cars faced with the prospect of being charged significantly more for their daily commute, there has never been a better time to recycle your old car in London.


Scrap Car Removal London
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