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Motors Recovery Services

Recovery and roadside assitance

Recovery only provides up to ten miles of towing from the assistance point. Extra charges may apply where the recovery mileage exceeds ten miles.
Recovery for vehicles under 3.5 tonnes GVW is defined as a round trip of more than 20 miles. For example breakdown to the delivery destination is 11 miles, giving a round trip of 22 miles. A charge will be a fixed rate of £87.23 plus 22 miles at £1.75 per mile, totalling £125.73.
Should the Vehicle need specialist equipment including, but not limited to, dolly wheels, go-jacks, winching, lifting freewheeling hubs or require additional labour to recover it, extra fees will be charged.
If the recovery exceeds 10 miles round trip, the recovery will need to be paid in advance.

Car Recovery Services

Pound collections

For example, all police and local pound recoveries must be paid in full before the vehicle is released from the pound. If the customer is absent and not paying the Police pound release fee, an admin fee of £75.00 will be charged. Failed collections are non-refundable unless it is our fault. All documents for vehicle release will need to be emailed and money transferred via bacs prior to collection.
Once our driver has attended the police pound on behalf of a client, a non-refundable £180.00 – £650.00 depending on the services charge is payable whether a vehicle is released or not.

Motors Recovery


Motors Recovery Services

Motors Recovery Services

Motors Recovery Services

Cheap Motors Recovery Services
You may cancel Your Roadside Assistance request within 5 minutes at no cost. If more than 5 minutes have elapsed after the Service Provider has been dispatched and before their arrival, we reserve the right to charge you a Cancellation Fee of £50.00 – £250.00, depending on the requested services. The remaining balance will be refunded minus any charges incurred (admin fee, Driver Call Out payment, mileage, ulez, congestion charge/toll etc.) as long as we have not reached you beforehand.
You will be charged the FULL amount of the quoted service price when the Service Provider arrives at the Location, and you cancel for any reason at that time, or
you are not at the Location; the Service Provider determines that You have inaccurately stated the condition of Your Vehicle or the problem with the Vehicle where the service cost may be higher than initially quoted, and You cancel Your Roadside Assistance request.
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You will be contacted by our customer services representative as soon as possible.

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Your safety is our priority. Leave your car and stand away from traffic. If you’re stuck in the live lane of a motorway or dual carriageway or feel you’re in immediate danger, don’t book your breakdown online. Please call 999 first, and then call us on 020 3581 4064.